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I'm Rachael, or Rae. I'm currently 20, and in a relationship with a beautiful demi-sexual transwomen. She is the loves of my life, and we are really happy together. My OTP's are John and Sherlock, Rose and 10, and Dean and Cas! (Mostly Johnlock, but I really love everyone else too.)I'm in Hufflepuff!Books are everything to me. Name a book, and if I haven't read it before, there is a good chance I will do whatever I can to get my hands on it. Also check out my art blog (LINK ABOVE!) which usually updates slowly.I hope you have a good day/night!

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if you kiss my neck and bite my lip your pants are coming off.


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Proof art work changes. The first is from 2007, and it took several painstaking hours. The second, from 2014 which I just finished in about 20 minutes. They’re of my sister and my own characters from our game we used to play.


And look! I’ve been drawing a little bit. I still don’t have a computer but I got this awesome app on phone, autodesk sketchbook something or other, and it’s really good for 2 dollars. I mean this isn’t too bad for drawing it on my phone. I highly recommend it. This took me a couple days to finish. Not because the app is hard to use or anything. I’ve just been really really tired.

Eee so cute. :3

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Oh hello.

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The “first man-made biological leaf” could enable humans to colonise space»

if you aren’t hyped about synthetic life and colonizing space then get out of my face

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What do you call a cheap circumcision?

A rip off


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So we were just like “oh look wtnv is signing right now let’s go see how long the line is’ and there was literally no one in line and we got to chat with them and get autographs and James dropped their bow on Cecil Baldwin and I left my purse behind and Cecil brought it to me and modeled it and I’m having a heart attack rn

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  • Viewers: fuck where did that come from -
  • John: nightmares oh god
  • John:
  • John:
  • John: I fucking hate my life.
  • Therapist: Have you been writing in your therupatic diary like I told you to?
  • Mike: hey gurl hey
  • John: shitit'sthatguydon'tmakeeyecontact
  • Mike: HEY GURL HEY
  • John: Ohhh hi didn't see you there -
  • John: I'm thirty-five, single, unemployed, skint, and I've got anxiety problems of some description and a limp.
  • John: what
  • Mike: what
  • John:
  • Mike: let me hook you up, man
  • Sherlock: I love the smell of dead bodies in the morning
  • Molly: I love your face
  • Sherlock: Yes, thank you, I would like you to serve me some coffee, how thoughtful
  • Molly:
  • Molly: ok.
  • John: What are these new fang-dangly things they didn't have them in my day
  • Mike: that's a computer, John
  • Sherlock: Mike give me your phone
  • Mike: Do you know how at wildlife parks and stuff they don't let you feed the animals partly so that the animals don't get reliant on being fed by humans and then stop foraging for their own food?
  • Sherlock:
  • John: use mine.
  • Mike: This is John Watson. havethesexwithhim.
  • John and Sherlock: what
  • Mike: what
  • Sherlock: -text it- Afghanistan or Iraq?
  • John: the fuck -
  • Sherlock: smoothly interrupting you to casually accept fangirl-made coffee
  • Sherlock: hey molly
  • Sherlock: thank you for offering to make me this delicious coffee
  • Sherlock: -sips- mnn, tangy
  • Sherlock: you look ugly without makeup
  • Molly:
  • Sherlock: bye
  • Molly: ok.
  • Sherlock: We should be flatmates
  • John: what
  • Sherlock: I'll meet you at the flat ok
  • John: what
  • Sherlock: Goodbye Mr Army Doctor from afghanistan
  • Sherlock: say hi to your alcoholic brother for me
  • Sherlock: nice psychosomatic limp you got there
  • John: WHAT
  • Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes, 221b Baker St, exit stage left
  • Mike: ain't he so raven
  • ~LATER~
  • Sherlock: Check out the flat ain't it pretty don't you like it John, you must like it, I can clean up, look I'm cleaning up say you'll live with me say it
  • Mrs Hudson: You guys are such a cute couple
  • John: what, no
  • Lestrade: There's been a murder
  • Sherlock: HOORAY
  • Sherlock: come and see dead bodies with me, John
  • Sally: freak
  • Sherlock: lol you're blowing one of the forensic team
  • Anderson: fuk u shercock u dick
  • Sherlock: i know you are i said you are but what am i
  • Body: pink
  • Sherlock: John what's your professional doctor's opinion.
  • John: ... yup she's dead.
  • Sherlock: DEDUCTING
  • John:
  • John: amazing brilliant fantastic
  • Sherlock: omg relyy
  • John: boy u mighty fine
  • Lestrade: I'm standing in the room still
  • Sherlock: lol you're all idiots I am the only one who sees the truth
  • Lestrade and John: what
  • Sherlock: laterz
  • ~AND THEN~
  • Phones: ringing
  • security cameras: spinning
  • John: the fuck is this
  • Mycroft: hey gurl
  • John: the fuck are you
  • Mycroft: I am suggestively frightening and I'm sherlock's arch enemy, my name begins with M, can you guess who I am
  • John: modesty?
  • Mycroft: gurl I like you
  • ~221B~
  • Sherlock: Pass me my phone.
  • John: you
  • John: you texted me to
  • Sherlock: and send a text please k thanks
  • John: Fuck you sideways, man
  • Sherlock: love you too
  • John: what
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock: come to dinner?
  • ~ANGELO'S~
  • Angelo: you're such a cute gay couple
  • John: what, no
  • Angelo: So very cute and gay
  • John: no, sherlock, say something, tell him we're not gay
  • Angelo: I'll get some candles to set the mood to SEXY TIMES
  • Angelo: YOU'RE GAY
  • John: Why do I have an ominous feeling that this is going to happen again? Like reverse deja vu?
  • Sherlock: Keep an eye out for murderers 'kay
  • John: So er ... got a girlfriend? Or a ... boyfriend?
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock: uh ... John ... look, it's very flattering and all but I'm taken
  • John: no -
  • Sherlock: My work is a jealous lover
  • John: no - what? I don't even want to consider how a relationship with investigating dead bodies works - no, I wasn't - no - I'M NOT GAY!
  • Sherlock: right.
  • John: right.
  • Sherlock: okay then.
  • John: yes.
  • John: shit that was funny
  • Sherlock: I know right
  • Lestrade: DRUGS BUST PARTY AT 221B
  • Sherlock: THE FUCK IS GOING ON
  • John: wait drugs lol what
  • Sherlock: ~gaze~
  • John: ~gaze~
  • Sherlock: DEDUCTING
  • Mrs Hudson: TAXI
  • Lestrade: MOBILE
  • Everyone: NOISE
  • Cabbie: come away with me, in the night
  • Sherlock: ok
  • Cabbie: CLEVER SHIT
  • Sherlock: BORING
  • Cabbie: pick a pill any pill
  • Sherlock: CLEVERER SHIT
  • Cabbie: pick a pill anyway
  • Sherlock: sounds like fun
  • Cabbie: SUCKER -
  • John: I SAVE YOU
  • Cabbie: /dead
  • Sherlock: that's so raven
  • ~LATER~
  • Lestrade: tell me the things
  • Sherlock: look at my fucking ugly blanket
  • Lestrade: oh jesus
  • Sherlock: heyyyy john
  • John: heyyyyyy Sherlock
  • Sherlock: you saved me
  • John: for a minute there I thought my princess was in another castle
  • Sherlock: what
  • John: what
  • Mycroft: hey gurl
  • Sherlock: fuck off bro
  • John: why didn't you tell me he was your brother?
  • Sherlock: because he smells
  • Mycroft: you're so mean
  • Sherlock: lol John let's go get Chinese
  • John: ok


Corsican vendetta knife with floral detail

che la mia ferita sia mortale
"may my wound be deadly"

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Take down strex
octopus-rae octopus-rae Said:



Asker silver-seidr Asks:
I'm watching Sailor Moon for the first time and at this point (sailor moon s) the only one of the inner senshi I can really see as straight is Minako, but even then, I don't know. They seem like a bunch of bi girls, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. How do you see them?
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They’re all queer. Minako may come off as straight in the anime, but in the manga she is queer as fuck. Here’s how I see them.

Usagi- bi (I was gonna say pan, but actually I do think she finds different things attractive in men, women and inbetween) and potentially eventually polyamorous

Rei- open homoromantic asexual in the manga and PGSM and probably Crystal, closeted (but will eventually come out) lesbian in the 90s anime

Ami- biromantic ace (or maybe just bi- hard to say without more evidence)

Mako- bi- tends to favor boys, but when she crushes on a girl, she crushes hard (see: Ami and Haruka)

Minako- pansexual

Haruka and Michiru- lesbian space princesses

Setsuna- bi- equal level crush on Serenity and Endymion

Hotaru- lesbian

Chibiusa- bi like mama

Why do you think that they are ALL queer…?

How is Usagi bi? She isn’t in love with Haruka or Seiya (and even doesn’t know that Seiya is a girl until pretty late in the 90’s anime).
Rei has something close to a relationship with a man in the old anime (not saying anything about the other stuff…).
How do you get Ami’s vibes…? From where…? And how is she romnatically connected to Makoto?
Also I don’t think that admiring a woman (what you count as a “crush”) determines one sexuality (Makoto’s admiration for Haruka).
Why is Minako pansexual? (In the manga she has something for Rei, in the old anime she’s into boys - or do you consider her crush on Yaten as evidence?)
Setsuna has a crush on Endymion - that one’s true. But she just respects her queen… That doesn’t count as a crush.
Why is Hotaru a lesbian? Because she is close to Chibiusa…? Is that also the reason why you count Chibiusa as bisexual? Being close to a person also doesn’t determine your sexuality…

I don’t think that making people more queer than they are is better than making queer people heterosexual…

the better question is, why the fuck do you care about my headcanons? Do not follow my blog if you’re going to bother me with your heteronormative bullshit.

and you’re right, Usagi is so completely straight, there is no evidence she’s bi.

She completely platonically gets off on lingerie clad friends groping her breast


Minako is doing some really heteorsexual boob groping in her most heterosexual outfit too. 

True, Usagi is known for going on buses specifically to check out hot girls, then getting hearts in her eyes and following them off the bus bc in her words “she’s so pretty”


How on earth could anyone read that as queer?


Note the official translation had her saying “I’ll forgive anything if it’s a pretty girl” or “I’ll do anything a pretty girl tells me to” something that people would be JUST SILLY to think is a sign Usagi is attracted to pretty girls.

And there was totally never the slightest sign she was attracted to Haruka


how heterosexually her heart pounds and she swoons slightly as she prepares for haruka to kiss her, offering no resistance.


Usagi completely heterosexually had a dream about Haruka kissing her after it happened and woke up flushed and feeling like she’d cheated on Mamoru, which I’m not sure why she’d think that. considering how straight she is.


In the anime, she was stalked Haruka for an entire episode and asked if she had a girlfriend in a heterosexual way, was head over heels about the idea of dancing with her in a heterosexual way, and the other girls swooned and were jealous of usagi for dancing with her in a heterosexual way.

And you’re right! Rei had a guy who has a crush on her in the anime! It’s true that she said outright she didn’t have any feelings for him and simply admired his devotion to her in her R episode with Koan, but we all know women aren’t allowed to decide whether they want to be in a relationship with a guy who likes him. If a guy likes them, they are OBLIGATED to return their feelings! And Rei definitely wasn’t know to have really gay moments with Usagi.


and it’s not like Usagi ever teased her about possibly being gay, or that she tried to hide an interest in attractive women.


I’m such a silly, where do I get this stuff.

And she comes off as so hetero in the manga. Definitely nothing ever implied there.


nooooope. Nothing implied with Minako either (ps i did say Minako might come off as straight in the anime- however, since her anime character wasn’t as developed, i tend to fill in gaps with her manga and pgsm characterization.)

definitely they weren’t super queer in PGSM or anything either.




(don’t think being “they type who doesn’t like boys” means Rei isn’t straight. It’s a new type of straightness we haven’t identified but we’re working hard)

And yeah, that Makoto and her platonic fascination with Ami’s butt, that she doesn’t take her eyes off for a full minute


And how could I read Chibiusa and Hotaru’s friendship as anything but platonic? I mean, Hotaru totally platonically fondling Chibiusa’s naked chest.


totally platonically gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. while naked. Foreheads touching.image

this completely platonic scene


Hotaru may have never shown any interest in boys, but you’re right, i should read her as straight regardless.

how could anyone think that was gay, with that phrasing. Especially since Mamoru watches on and describes it as “giving his daughter away as a bride”. Platonically.

I’m so sorry that I, a silly, stupid queer woman, dared try to read any of these characters as queer. Everyone is straight until proven otherwise, you’re right. You’ve shown me the way with your hetero wisdom.

(guess what? Even if this wasn’t all true? It wouldn’t fucking matter. I can read characters however I want, and no one needs “evidence” they are not straight. Straight should not be the fucking default, and queer people can look for representation and read relationships as romantic or platonic. You can bet if they were het, none of these relationships would be read as platonic. And there is a much evidence for a crush on Serenity for Pluto as there is for Endymion- neither are outright confirmed in the text of the manga, just “admiration”. Naoko says Setsuna has “adulterous” feelings which could refer to BOTH OF THEM (I doubt that’s what she MEANT, but she didn’t say anything concrete, so guess what? I can interpret it as I want). So get the hell out of here with your assumptions).

(Also I read Haruka as genderqueer in the manga. I hope that makes you REALLY upset).

i want this entire slam dunk ats my funeral eulogy




I have absolutely no idea what this is but I absolutely love it!

this is my new favourite post ever on anything

Monty Python’s Flying Circus… possibly one of the best things to ever air

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kill the imposter

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iceland is scary

are those giant marshmallows

we icelandic people harvest marshmallows, its the only thing that keeps us alive and healthy, every full moon the icelandic marshmallow god demands tons of giant marshmallows to be made in his honor, later these marshmallows gained its own consciousness and has been roaming around icelandic farms since then, so whenever you drive around iceland you will see these mysterious giant marshmallows in their natural habitat

Seriously though what the fuck are those

we icelandic people harvest marshmallows, its the only thing that keeps us alive and healthy, every full moon the icelandic marshmallow god demands tons of giant marshmallows to be made in his honor, later these marshmallows gained its own consciousness and has been roaming around icelandic farms since then, so whenever you drive around iceland you will see these mysterious giant marshmallows in their natural habitat

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